Questions about University-Model Schooling

What is the difference between homeschool co-ops and University-Model® Schools (UMS)?

UMS and homeschool co-ops should not be equated. Homeschool co-ops are a good way for homeschooling families to pool their resources and expertise for specific and usually short-term study projects. One parent, for instance, may be especially proficient in science and teach a group of students that subject for a period of time. Generally speaking, homeschool co-ops are age-integrated, specialized, parent-run, and do not simulate a college structure. In some cases, co-ops also take over the primary responsibility of teaching certain courses instead of integrating the teacher and parent effectively for each course as is done in the University-Model®. University-Model® Schooling is also different due to having specific grade levels, consistent accountability from semester to semester, and a professional administration and faculty responsible for curriculum and instruction while partnering with parents to deliver some instruction.

What if parents are not teachers? How can they co-teach their children if they have never homeschooled?

Parents do not need to have teaching experience. Solid Rock Preparatory Academy takes the lead in the area of academics. New concepts are introduced and taught at school by paid professional faculty while the application of the concept often takes place at home, much like that of college studies. Solid Rock Preparatory Academy teachers provide detailed course overviews and online assignment sheets each week while maintaining open lines of communication. Parents act as co-instructors under the guidance and direction of the classroom teacher. In addition, the academy offers training to parents in various areas including academics and character development. Finally, take into consideration that as a child progresses to higher grade levels, the academic role of the parent gradually migrates from that of co-instructor to proctor/mentor, so that by the time a student graduates he is prepared (trained and experienced) to assume the individual responsibility required for success at the collegiate level.

My wife and I both work full time outside our home. Will UMS work for us?

Probably not. One of the most important ingredients in the success of the university model is an available parent who can assist and properly work with the student. For a family in which both parents work outside the home on a full-time, or almost full-time, basis, a more traditional 35-40 hours/week school is probably a better choice.

Since parents are team teaching with the teachers at school, how does communication take place between the two?

Communication between teachers and parents plays a large role in a UMS, and there are several ways that clear communication can take place. First, each course is described, along with its prerequisite and parent role, in the school catalog. The parent role is defined for each course so that parents understand the required level of assistance for their children. Vitally important are the weekly lesson plans and assignment sheets that are prepared by the classroom teacher and made available to parents and students online. Instructions to parents are included as part of these assignment sheets, as are long-term study projects that are forthcoming. Parents are also invited to communicate any of their questions back to the teacher as needed.

Does this type of schooling fulfill "state requirements?"

Yes, our academic standards meet or exceed the requirements for grade levels in the public schools in Texas as published by the Texas Education Agency.

General Questions

Where is the school located?

Classes held on the campus of New Beginnings Church at 1569 W. Main Street, Lewisville, 75067.

Will there be an entrance exam for admission to Solid Rock Preparatory Academy?

Yes, as part of the Admission process, an entrance exam will be required to assess the likelihood of success in the school and to determine the appropriate placement of incoming students.

Can students transfer into Solid Rock Preparatory Academy after being in other schools?

We practice ‘Rolling Enrollment”. This means as long as the class is not full, we can meet to discuss whether Solid Rock Prep is the right fit for your family.

Are there uniforms at Solid Rock Preparatory Academy?

Yes, students at Solid Rock Preparatory Academy wear school uniforms. The specifics of the uniform policy and dress code are included in our Welcome Packet as families are accepted into our academy.

What is the cost of tuition?

Because of the nature of the university-model, the cost of tuition for a full time student will be less than a traditional private school. However, our desire to attract and retain the very best teachers will be reflected in our tuition as well. Click here for the latest Tuition and Fee schedule.

Is Solid Rock Preparatory Academy governed by a church?

No, a board of men and women from this community independently governs the school. For more information about the board, please see Our Leaders.

Is Solid Rock Preparatory Academy a non-profit organization?

Not yet. Solid Rock Preparatory Academy is a corporation formed in Texas and governed by an independent school board. We will be submitting the application to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Stay connected with us for updates.