Tuition & Financial Aid

Excellence in education at an attainable price! 

We are passionate about partnering with Christian families to provide for their children a Christian college-preparatory education within the University-Model® framework. 

At Solid Rock Prep, we firmly believe that Christian education is not a commodity—it’s a ministry, a commitment, and a connection. This connection aligns your child’s educational needs with your family’s philosophy and our own educational standards. That’s why the first and foremost consideration at Solid Rock Prep is what’s educationally best for your child; all other factors are secondary.

Tuition Rates

For current tuition rates, please call the school office or request an information packet.

Financial Aid

We understand that finances are important and that tuition represents an investment in your child’s future. That’s why we offer a robust needs-based scholarship program in our region. 

Solid Rock Prep will award financial aid each year to qualifying families.

Financial aid is determined through a confidential, online application process. When you meet with our Head of School, you’ll receive guidance on how to apply.

To explore our financial aid options, please call 214-471-5342 or click here to schedule an appointment.

We desire that finances wouldn’t prevent families from joining the SRPA community.