Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Do I have to agree with Solid Rock Prep's Statements of Faith for admission into the school?

Yes, both parents must wholeheartedly agree with, genuinely live by, and willingly sign our Mission Statement, Statements of Faith, and Family Commitment. As a discipleship school, Solid Rock Prep is committed to ministering to and partnering with Christian families in order to reinforce and support the faith and Biblical worldview instilled in your child at home and at your local church. We are only able to effectively partner with and support families when unified in our core beliefs and values. It is neither our desire nor our role to be the primary influence in your child’s life, but rather to complement your efforts in educating and discipling your child. (You can find our Mission here and Statements on Faith, Life, and Conduct here.)

Does Solid Rock Prep accept students after the start of the school year?

We practice ‘Rolling Enrollment”. This means as long as the class is not full, we can meet to discuss whether Solid Rock Prep is the right fit for your family.

Are exceptions made for the age requirement for Kindergarten?

Applicants for Kindergarten are required to be five years of age by August 31. We also recommend that applicants with birth dates in any of the summer months prayerfully consider waiting until the following year.

Does Solid Rock Prep offer part-time enrollment?

No, we do not offer part-time enrollment. Our classes strategically connect to provide students with a comprehensive foundation and understanding of all subjects. By electing to only take some courses at Solid Rock Prep, students miss the benefits of the intentionality of our program.

Does Solid Rock Prep have a Special Education Program?

Solid Rock Preparatory Academy is generally not equipped to provide special assistance to students with severe learning disabilities that require help beyond what a parent is normally able to give at home or through other means.

Why are there so many steps in the Solid Rock Prep Admissions Process?

We value your time and desire to make the best educational decisions for your family. To ensure you are well informed about the unique and inspiring approach to education at Solid Rock Prep, it is important for you to hear an overview of the school’s model, mission, academics and opportunities directly from school administrations (Information Webinar), discern if our heart for discipleship and education is consistent with that of your family’s, and have a personal opportunity to discuss the compatibility of your family’s goals with the school’s methods and philosophy, while receiving valuable feedback for optimal grade level placement at Solid Rock (placement testing and family interview). While the process may seem lengthy, each step is implemented to assist you in learning more about the school and your role in the parent/school partnership that is essential to Solid Rock Prep. Through this process, we are both better equipped to partner in training the hearts and minds of your children for the glory of God through a college-prep, Christian education.